The America that we love is under attack.

From a war on culture to a war on faith. From the poisoning of the melting pot to the poisoning of the Second Amendment. From destruction of the American Dream to destruction of free speech.

The progressive Left is erasing our past and destroying our principles. The best way to fight back is to know our history inside and out.

Six Courses / Five Hours of Lessons

Defending America is a series of six video lessons led by Speaker Gingrich. Each course focuses on one of the most critical issues facing our nation. Featuring his unique insight and PC-free analysis, Speaker Gingrich explains the core American values that have made our nation the freest and most prosperous the world has ever seen, while exposing and debunking the Left’s arguments as fundamentally dangerous.

Flexible Class Schedule

Lessons are available on demand so you can learn at your own pace. You only need a computer or mobile device to enroll and view each lesson.


Study Guide & Research Tools

Each class comes with a downloadable study guide filled with facts, helpful links, and other resources designed to enhance your educational experience. 

With this course, we will provide you the tools to do your part in Defending America.

Exclusive Q&A

In addition to six full-length classes, watch exclusive Speaker Gingrich Q&As. All subscribers are automatically enrolled in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

DEFENDING AMERICA is designed to (i) ARM you with comprehensive knowledge of American history, values, and principles; (ii) EXPOSE how the Left is working overtime to erode them; and (iii) TEACH you what you can do to defeat their arguments and win back the country.

The Lessons

Poisoning the Melting Pot

How the Left poisoned the “melting pot,” using “multiculturalism” not to celebrate other cultures but to turn us against our own in a cynical bid to tear the country apart.

Faith Under Attack

Why religious faith is and always has been so essential to liberty, and what we must do to defend against those trying to replace our God-given freedom with man-based tyranny.

Destruction of Opportunity

How the Left is destroying opportunity and the American dream -- while grabbing power for itself under the guise of “helping us.”

Thought Police Run Amok

What the growing efforts to silence free speech by the Left mean for conservatism and freedom itself, and the knowledge you need to fight back.

Defending the 2nd Amendment

Why the Left’s attack on your Second Amendment rights is based on a totally phony narrative, and what the Founders really believed about your right to self-defense.

Draining the Swamp

How the D.C. swamp creatures are hurting Americans, and what we can do to drain the swamp and send them home once and for all.

Defending America: Official Trailer

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Defending America will provide you with the single most important thing in any political war: To know your political adversaries better than they know themselves.

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